How can I get a kids' premium toy?
The kids' toys are available for a limited time and not all restaurants have all the characters at all times.
How can I obtain a Jack in the Box franchise?
Please submit a completed Franchise Information Form; for additional information on franchising opportunities for Jack in the Box® restaurants, please leave a voice mail at (858) 571-4044 or email franchising@jackinthebox.com
Is there a Jack in the Box restaurant in my area? If not, how can I purchase some of your great food?
Please check our Locations section to find restaurants now in operation. In an effort to maintain product quality and integrity, we are unable to sell and ship food from the restaurants to your home. We know Jack's burgers and tacos are great, but they're only available fully cooked at the restaurant.
Where can I find nutritional information regarding Jack in the Box products?
Click Here to check out the menu or you can go to any Jack in the Box location and ask for Jack's Nutritional Facts brochure.
How can I get an antenna ball?
Jack antenna balls should be available at most local Jack in the Box restaurants, year-round.
How many antenna balls has Jack sold or given away?
Since reigniting the antenna ball craze in 1995 with our Classic Jack antenna ball, Jack in the Box has sold or given away more than 22 million antenna balls.